Ghosts: The White Lady

Readers, check out this scary true story brought to you by True Horror Stories of Texas blog.  Enjoy! 

This story was sent in by a woman in Deep South Texas claiming to have seen a phantom lady in white. Check it out… “The following is a story my mother and father have told to us several times. 668 more words

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Ghosts: A Bad Luck Ghost

Readers, here’s a great post from an excellent blog, The Haunted Place.  Read to the end to learn what happens to those who see this White Lady phantom!

Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern located in Baden-Wurttemburg,Germany. It is one of three hill-top castles on Hohenzollern Mountain and said too be haunted by the ghost of The White Lady. The White Lady is supposed to be Countess Kunigunde Von Orlamonde who was a widow and mother of […]

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