Ghosts: A True Ouija Board Story for Halloween — Hunter Shea

Readers, you’ll want to check out this true story about a misadventure with a ouija board!  Although written with humor, this is a truly chilling example of one of the myriad things that can go wrong when people decide to fool around with these items!  Read on.  And if you have ouija board plans for Halloween, have a care!  Courtesy Hunter Shea’s fine blog, via the link below: 

Happy Halloween to all my Hellions far and wide. As we slip into the spookiest of all days, I thought I’d share my one and only time messing around with a Ouija board. I wrote this article a few years back and thought it would set the mood perfectly. So light some candles, lock the […]

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Ghosts: The Mysterious Death Of William Fuld: The Marketer of The Ouija! — Paranormal Hauntings

Another great story from Charlene at Paranormal Hauntings.  Read this one, Mr. Fuld’s death is quite bizarre. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it . . .   

Helen Peters, a medium, coined the name OUIJA after conducting a séance on a board. She claimed that the planchette spelled out ‘OUIJA’ after asking what she should name it. 416 more words

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Ghosts: The Handprint Ghost

Readers, you’ll love this one!  This is a true account of a spouse reaching out from beyond the grave to let his family know he was there – several times, and in different ways!  An incredible and touching story.  Courtesy Readers Digest, via

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Ghosts: More Stories of the Ouija Board!

Readers, here are more first hand accounts of strange and ghostly experiences with ouija boards!  From Angels &  Ghosts

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Ghosts: Food for Thought . . .

Readers, I have often run across accounts of paranormal activity that became extreme and frightening as the result of people becoming involved with the occult.  Ouija boards or other types of experimentation have been said to invite dark presences. We have all read these stories.

Many of us had ouija boards as kids and used them with no results, negative or otherwise. Yet one reads warning after warning about serious problems resulting from the use of ouija boards.
I had this experience:  although not experimenting with the occult, I did live in a haunted house when I was in my early twenties.  During that time, I began to have precognitive dreams which came true later: names, dates, places – detailed information I’d have no way of accessing.  I became very intuitive or “psychic”  during and after that time.  So I do think that if you’re around paranormal events, that may somehow scratch the surface of your sixth sense, your ‘third eye.’
A thought about ouija boards:  the reason they seem to unleash so much for some people may have to do with something other than ghosts.  What if the kind of focus and mindset that comes with using the boards opens a pathway to one’s subconscious – a kind of dream plateau.  In other words, one might be dealing with psychological rather than spiritual phenomena. Just a possible explanation – nobody really knows.
What do you think?  Any theories? What has your experience been?  Your comments and reflections as always, are most welcome!

Ghosts: The Strange History of the Ouija Board

Readers, here’s a fascinating and in-depth look at the origins of the ouija board.  I was surprised to learn how far back it goes!  Read and learn!  From BrainCharm.

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Ghosts: When Ouija Boards Go Wrong!

Readers, here are some scary examples of ouija board issues!  Although these were popular when I was growing up and were actually marketed as toys (seriously!) – many people have traced paranormal problems to the use of ouija boards.  Read on . . . reblog from Paranormal Magazine, author Charlotte Lowe Kemp.

By Charlene Lowe Kemp When Hasbro trademarked the Oujia in 1991, the tradition of the board can be traced back to much further than that. Many believe the Oujia Board to be a portal to the spirit world, while others will argue it is nothing more than a parlour trick. Whatever you believe, there have…

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