Ghosts: Haunted St. Augustine!

Readers, I ran across this interesting blog post from the superb Browsing The Atlas  – a wonderful travel blog. Read on:     via Ghostly St. Augustine | Browsing The Atlas

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Ghosts: Sightings of the Stars!

Readers, here is a fun collection of sightings from your favourite LaLaLand celebrities!  Enjoy!  Via Infobrary blog.

Whether ghost existence or not is always a myth to human beings, even scientists cannot explain this phenomenon. Not only normal people but also Hollywood celebrities sometimes say that they have ever seen ghosts and taken photos of them. Taylor Momsen This Gossip Girl has got photographic evidence of her ghostly encounter. Her mom […]

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Ghosts: The Boyington Oak

Readers, enjoy this creepy legend of a haunted tree – from My Paranormal Universe blog.

The Boyington Oak (Mobile, Alabama) Hi everyone! I know i always write about haunted locations, but i thought i would also tell you about Folklore around the world. I will be telling you about the Boyington Oak that is a real life Historical Oak tree. A mn named R.S. Boyington arrived in Mobile as a […]

via The Boyington Oak — My Paranormal Universe

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Ghosts: A Very Haunted House!

Readers, be sure to read to the end of this increasingly scary first-hand account! Reblogged for your reading pleasure from the excellent Darkness Prevails blog.  

What I am about to share with you are a few paranormal occurrences that happened to me growing up in my childhood home. I have told very few people about this, but it has been weighing on me for years. I am 27 years old now, and these things had happened to me from the……

via My haunted childhood home — Darkness Prevails

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Ghosts: Two Ghost Stories (and a Free Book!)

Readers, enjoy two more creepy ghost stories and some interesting commentary from none other than the excellent Tripping On Legends blog. And for a free book, please scroll below link.

The ghosts come out at night. That’s what they all tell us at least. Whether it’s an old ghost story, and legend, or a talking head on a paranormal show, there’s something about a dark and stormy night that sets the table for an encounter. Reasons are sometimes provided. Pseudo-scientists, obsessed with explaining the paranormal […]

via The Ghosts Come at Night…Two True Stories — Tripping on Legends

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Ghosts: Olive Ghost Train – Kountze, Texas — Hauntings in History

Readers, here’s a chilling story of a ghost train, courtesy Hauntings in History blog:

The Ghost Story Tim Hargraves left his home in West Virginia after his mother passed away to find his uncle, Mart Hargraves last known to live in Olive Texas. When he arrived in Beaumont he went to buy a rail ticket to Olive, north of Kountze. The ticket master was surprised as Olive had long […]

via Olive Ghost Train – Kountze, Texas — Hauntings in History

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Ghosts: A Bad Luck Ghost

Readers, here’s a great post from an excellent blog, The Haunted Place.  Read to the end to learn what happens to those who see this White Lady phantom!

Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern located in Baden-Wurttemburg,Germany. It is one of three hill-top castles on Hohenzollern Mountain and said too be haunted by the ghost of The White Lady. The White Lady is supposed to be Countess Kunigunde Von Orlamonde who was a widow and mother of […]

via The White Lady of Hohenzollern Castle — The Haunted Place

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Ghosts: A Phantom Car!

Readers, here’s a scary story about a ghost car!  From Your Ghost Stories:

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Ghosts: Farewells from Beyond The Grave!

Readers, here’s a fascinating piece from CNN about sightings and conversations with the dead.  Take a few minutes to look it over, it’s worth your time! From CNN.

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Ghosts: Another Strange Personal Story

Readers, I recalled another story from my experience, but it was so long ago I’d forgot all about it.  See what you think:
When I was in graduate school, I visited a midcentury modern home.  It belonged to an art professor.  It was quite beautiful, full of paintings and sculpture.  A friend was house sitting, which is how I came to visit occasionally.
The thing with this house was, whilst no one ever saw anything, one would after a short time inside, start to feel a slight sense of unease. This increased incrementally until it became scary and unbearable: one simply had to leave. I felt it more than once and the only time the house felt neutral was during a party with lots of other people present.
There was this cognitive dissonance: the lovely interior vs the sense of darkness.
I later asked the house sitting friend how he could stand it.  He said he was quite terrified during nights and even took the homeowner’s dog into his room at bedtime – and he was not a dog person.
There was menacing energy at that place. I was always struck by the contrast between the beauty of the house and decor and the miasma of dread one felt.
Have you ever been to a place like this, or experienced this kind of creeping fear in a house?  Please discuss/share in comments if you like – it was a terribly strange and unsettling experience.
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