Ghosts: A Saskatchewan Ghost Train

Readers, here’s an intriguing tale of a ghost train in a small Saskatchewan town.  There are some theories presented but none of the “explanations” have panned out – it’s still a ghost train.  For more, read on at the following link, courtesy The Western Producer, via Ghost Train!

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Ghosts: Olive Ghost Train – Kountze, Texas — Hauntings in History

Readers, here’s a chilling story of a ghost train, courtesy Hauntings in History blog:

The Ghost Story Tim Hargraves left his home in West Virginia after his mother passed away to find his uncle, Mart Hargraves last known to live in Olive Texas. When he arrived in Beaumont he went to buy a rail ticket to Olive, north of Kountze. The ticket master was surprised as Olive had long […]

via Olive Ghost Train – Kountze, Texas — Hauntings in History

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