Ghosts: Strange Crisis Apparitions

Readers, here is a great article about crisis apparitions, including some creepy examples!  Be sure to check this out! From CNN, via Crisis Apparitions!

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Ghosts: Crisis Apparition

A classic English ghost story, re-blogged from Strange Company. Enjoy!

Camille Pissarro, “Lordship Lane Station, Dulwich”This “true ghost” story–a classic example of what are known as “crisis apparitions”–was told by Dr. Margaret Vivian in the “London Evening News” of December 23, 1954:Many years ago when I was a medical student Mr. X., an old friend, would call occasionally at the college to take me out to lunch. One day a letter from him asked me…

via Newspaper Clipping of the Day — Strange Company

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Photo:Gustave Caillebotte [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons