Ghosts: Some Denver Hauntings

Readers, here are some excellent stories of haunted doings  in Denver, CO.  Read on: from the Denver Post

via Don’t believe in ghosts? Check out 8 of Denver’s “real” haunted houses — The Know from The Denver Post

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Mob Haiku: A Pink Slip

Rocco strayed into

a gay bar by mistake.  ‘Twas

the burden of poof.

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Ghosts: A Collection of Scary Tales

Readers, here’s a creepy, re-blogged compilation of scary ghost stories, brilliantly put together by the Dark Hauntings blog.  Enjoy!

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, ghostly stories can still be chilling. I have put together a compilation of stories sure enough to send a chill up your spine. Over the span of two years, a teenager from Australia experienced poltergeist activity whilst living with her father. Her mother had a strong psychic […]

via Paranormal Stories — Dark Hauntings

For more ghostly tales, please see, and have a look at my new short book, Sepia Seepage, a collection of four ghost stories with the common theme of haunting via ancient photographs!  FREE on kindle unlimited or kindle users library, only 99 cents to buy.


Mob Haiku: Under Par

Len lost fifty pounds

playing all that golf: The Leg-

end of Baggy Pants.

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Ghosts: Injured By A Ghost?

Readers, here’s a strange story about a ghostly burn!  Read on:  from The Mirror.

via Tour guide ‘has hand burnt by ghost inside death row cell’ in jail where notorious Kray twins were once held – Mirror Online

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Mob Haiku: Sighber Cryme

Connie fell for a
catfish online: a victim
of E Harm Money.
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Ghosts: A Shadow Ghost! From Tripping on Legends

Readers, a fascinating and creepy true account of ghostly behavior!  Read on:

These next few we’re going to call the Jenna Chronicles. Jenna was my roommate for years and got this whole thing started for me. We sat down together that first night and set up, the precursor of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads. In addition to being willing to talk to anyone and egg me on to […]

via Scary Story a Day…Shadows in the Apartment — Tripping on Legends

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Mob Haiku: Ex Tortion

Rino did the shake

downs. He offered guys a choice:

an “aye” or an eye.

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Ghosts: The Hitchhiker Ghost

Readers, here’s an archetypal hitchhiker ghost accompanied by an informative essay on this particular bit or urban legendry.  From The Ghost In My Machine blog.

Previously: Kiyotaki Tunnel, Japan. In the New Manila district of Quezon City — the most populous city of the Philippines, located not too far away from the capital, Manila — there’s a two-lane street. It’s an undivided carriageway, which means that it lacks a median; still, though, it’s a busy thoroughfare frequented by jeepneys and cabs. It’s named for the trees line it — but those trees do more than provide scenery. Indeed, it might be because of the Balete trees that the legend of the White Lady of Balete Drive clings to the road, and why it has persisted for so many decades.

via Haunted Globetrotting: The White Lady Of Balete Drive, The Philippines — The Ghost In My Machine

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Mob Haiku: Bling Tut

Gino sold copies
of Egyptian artifacts:
a pyramid scheme.
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