Ghosts: Visitations from the Dead

Readers, this story posted on Quora is a good example of a “visitation,” in which one interacts with someone one knows, a family member or friend, who has died.  I’ve had  similar experience myself, so this resonated for me.  Here is the link to the Quora story: Post Death Visitation

In my case, I’ve encountered people who had died in some quite vivid dreams, which turned out to be precognitive.  The example which the above story called to mind went like this:

In a dream, my former mother in law (who had died not long before) came to me in a dream. Other dead family members were there in the same house, but they didn’t have a mission, they simply acknowledged me.  My mother in law pointed to a calendar on the wall which said “Aquarius 2” which I immediately took to mean February 2 (I had studied astrology).  She told me to beware of that date and that “it wasn’t about who I thought.”  After that, the dream ended.  When that date came around, I was returning home from a journey and my husband’s boss met me at the airport. He told me my spouse (then only 36 then, and in the best of health) had had a heart attack and was in the intensive care unit at the hospital.  It was quite unexpected – but then I remembered the dream. He was an only child and it made a kind of sense that his mother communicated this message.

* * * * *

Have you ever had an experience of this kind? If you like, feel free to share below.

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