Mob Haiku: CuJoey

Momo’s dog frightened
people in the ‘hood: we called
it Jurassic Bark.
Photo: By U.S. Air Force Photo by Josh Plueger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Mob Haiku: Pucci

Aly’s dog had its
own designer carrier:
it was a Kate Spayed.
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Mob Haiku: Best In Showoff

Paulie got a pure
bred dog, cost a fortune. We
called it Nouveaux Leash.
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Ghosts: More Black Dog Ghosts!

Readers, we’ve discussed these before, but I thought this an interesting and relevant post.  Thanks to the excellent Soul Reaper Paranormal blog.  

There is an old superstition that exists, and that is the first soul to be buried inside a new graveyard has to guard it for an eternity. For hundreds of years, it was common practice for people kill a large dog and bury it within the confines of a new graveyard. It was believed that dog […]

via Black Dogs & Their Role In The Afterlife — Soul Reaper Paranormal

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Mob Haiku: Condo Lences

‘Berto’s  tenants whined:

his poodle frequently bit!

Now’s he’s a bannedlord.

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Mob Haiku: Security

Frank’s dog barked when Sal

broke in. Then Fifi took a

big bite out of crime.

Photo:  Any Excuse To Show Off The Mob Dogs

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