Mob Haiku & Ghosts: E-Book Sale!

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Mob Haiku: Weather Report (and FREE BOOKS Thurs 20 Sept & Fri 21 Sept)!!

It’s a’ gonna rain.
What the fuck you need to know?
Keep the ammo dry.
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Mob Haiku & Ghosts – FREE!!: An Offer You Can’t Refuse! FREE BOOKS! Thurs & Fri, Sept 20 & 21 Only!

“Howya doin’?”
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All those free ghosts!  Wow!  A haunting good deal! 
And oh, the benefits of getting to know the guys of Mob Haiku fame:
-Joey may fix your parking tickets.  And other things. “No problem.”
–And there could be discounted Vig. (Well, don’t hold your breath). Can it get better? Yes, it can. 
–A date with Kiki (as soon as she gets paroled).  Or for the gals, the divine Santino. Here is a photo of Santino: (sorry, he’s incognito:  Witless Protection). 
And, the Boss will be grateful.  Believe me, you want the Boss to be grateful. As opposed to other emotions.  
Thanks in advance from me and from the wiseguys (and wise spirits) I chronicle for your edification!

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Mob Haiku: Cold Storage

Gino and Paulie

went out, buried the hatchet

(and Corrado, too).

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