Ghosts: Why Are Some Buildings Haunted?

Readers, this was too good not to pass along!  I thought it pretty spot on.  Based upon my own experience living and visiting haunted places, it clicks!   It reminded me of the work of T. C. Lethbridge, the early 20th century archaeologist/parapsychologist, whose Stone Tape theory presented the idea that somehow, damp stone “recorded” traumatic events and sometimes replayed them later- as ghosts.  Note the presence of water and stone in many of these places.

A very haunted house in which I once lived, was built on a foundation of old stones, was on the ocean shore, and was also near a railroad. There had been deaths there, and it was a very old house.

Based on your own experience and ideas, what do you think?  Read on at the link below, courtesy Ghost Hunting Theories blog:


Back in the summer of 2009, I decided to choose 50 places that are commonly reported haunted, all across the US. I took those 50 places and looked for common features. 602 more words

via Spirit Vessels: Why Are Some Buildings Haunted? — Ghost Hunting Theories

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20 thoughts on “Ghosts: Why Are Some Buildings Haunted?

  1. It’s a little known fact that any old enough, unchanged, building will have the souls of the people who frequented it permanently imprinted on the quantum energies stored in the phase space of its structure. Well, I am a well-read mature Englishman 😎

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  2. I always heard that limestone would hold onto certain energy. I think it’s possible that stones can hold in energy, but I don’t know why it would take 50+ years for ghostly activity to appear. Couldn’t a place that had something happen within the last 5-20 years be just as haunted as well?

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  3. This theory of hauntings has always been one I’ve rejected, opting for the more romantic idea that hauntings are done by spirits and not by some physical or chemical-electric reaction…I don’t know the truth but as an artist I tend to reject rational explanations and opt more for the more creative ones, the fantasy…by the by I love your posts, big fan of ghost stories…cheers and greetings from Spain

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  4. I know there are ghosts. I have had experiences with them and so have my tiny family members. We all have a spirit housed in our bodies.


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