Ghosts: Wymering Manor

Readers, this one’s billed as England’s most haunted house.  I expect there are rivals for that title, however, this place does have a regular roll call full of ghostly attendees!  Read on, at Thought Co, via Wymering Manor Ghosts!

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: Wymering Manor

      • i was at 508 buell ave, i was asked to reside in the basement because westly seen something and it was driving him up the wall. kevin asked me to see if i could clean a flood up then offered the basement to me for more room being the fact i was painting and sketching paintings or drawings. i cleaned the waist level flood up, renovated a couple things of what i could. he had one thin mattress down there, I’m working on a pc and then seen an abriition in a white dress run from one side of the basement by a cement wall through the partition that divided the room, the partition wasn’t a part of the original home that is as old as the town is. i remembered what westly stated and thought my Lord was he right on, he knew what he was talking about. I had spoken to a few others way long ago in refferance to what they had seen, a few, maybe five people about 20 years ago. Was going a community thing on the I&M Canal, had a tent set up, got up late one night to go pee and i couldn’t help to notice looking to the west of where my tent was set up a figure walking from the south side of the trail to the north side of the trail. i thought that was odd, remembered what i hed seen at 508 buell avenue and thought maybe there really is this thing called ghosts and started reviewing things on tv that aired the stuff, even looked up civil war ghost videos on youtube or something like that. yet it got so bizarre that i refrained from any more reviews or searches at all, it was kinda freaking me out,m ya know what i mean?


      • it was too bizzare, way too biuzarre, i can actually sketch my memory too, yet that was a couple settings i choose not to sketch because it gave me the creeps man, and as a live man that had seen some really bizarre things, I’m kinda at odds with myself with what I’ve seen. its more then spooky.


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