Ghosts: Imaginary Friend?

Sarah Hussey
Sarah Hussey, studies Forensic Science at University of North Georgia (2022)
Originally Answered: What is the creepiest unexplained experience you ever had?

I had an imaginary friend named Angeles when I was younger.

I made her up one day so I would have someone to play with when I was bored. She

was purely fictional.

When I was about 7, I was playing with her one day and my dad and brother called me to come outside so that I could help them clean the parakeet cage.

I was the only one in the house, aside from my older sister (but she never left her room), so I was basically by myself.

I told Angeles that I would be back in a little bit and I showed her toys that she could play with while I was gone. One of those toys was a little, plastic rocket that was inside a basket on the stairs. I picked up the rocket, told her she could play with it, and I put it back in the basket.

I went outside for a while and I was the first one to come back in. When I came in, I walked back to the stairs, and I saw the rocket was not in the basket anymore.

I looked around and I saw that the rocket was about 10 feet away from the stairs, next to our piano.

There was no way the rocket could’ve gotten out by itself. No physics could possibly be involved either because the rocket would’ve had to get lifted up out of the basket, roll down the stairs, make a 90 degree turn, and roll 10 feet.

And after that, doors would open by themselves, window blinds would spontaneously open, and things would fall off tables.

I stopped connecting with her and a few years later I moved out of that house, and I never experienced anything like that again.

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