Ghosts: A Protective Spirit

Readers. have a look at this post, from Quora, copied for you below. It’s an unusual kind of ghost, and the author came to feel it had the family’s safety in mind. That’s interesting because the ghost responds to the living in an intelligent way, it’s not a “filmstrip” of the past (when one sees a ghost which appears unaware of one’s presence), and its actions appear, upon reflection, to have meaning. Read on below for more: 
Gene Rick, former Steel Worker, Janitor, Educator, Judge. Retired!
When I was in my late 20s, my wife and I bought our first home, which was a very old home that needed major renovations. When the wind blew, the curtains actually moved away from the walls… despite the old storm windows that were installed. The previous owner had been an elderly lady who fell down the basement stairs and eventually died, after laying down there for several days.
The bedrooms in this house were all on the 2nd floor, but the only bathroom was in the basement. That made it necessary to go down two flights of stairs, including the steep, rickety ones leading to the basement. Our young children established a buddy system for overnight bathroom trips, so they never had to go alone or wake us up. One night, as they began their descent down the uppermost stairway, a small matchbox car (that our son had left out at the bottom of the stairs) literally flew up the stairway and hit him in the forehead, according to his older sister. They were so terrified that they went back to bed and waited until morning to use the bathroom. He had a large welt on his forehead, as evidence of the story they shared with us during breakfast.
Not long thereafter, I was suddenly awakened from a sound sleep, by a sense of terror. I sat up in bed, wide awake, in total darkness. Across the room, appeared a glowing image of a partially-decayed, floating head. It was that of a very old woman. I closed my eyes and rubbed them in disbelief, only to see that she had actually moved closer when I reopened them. In panic, I jumped out of bed and turned on the bedroom lights. She was not there, so I scurried around the house, turning on every single light. She was nowhere to be found. I had to explain this to my bewildered wife, whom I had awakened, but I made some lame excuse to the kids because I didn’t want to panic them.
A few days later, I replaced the basement stairs with ones that were neither steep, nor rickety. After that, we had no other incidents of flying toys or floating head images. Despite previously not believing in paranormal activity, we were convinced that the home’s last occupant was trying to protect us from the unsafe stairs.
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