Ghosts: The Moore Hotel and the Moore Theater

Readers, this theater is said to be very haunted – I’m including the story because the theater was part of the old Moore Hotel in downtown Seattle.  As a child, I learned to swim at the Moore Hotel pool, and I remember vividly the heebie-jeebies I felt the minute I got near it.  While I do not recall seeing any ghosts there, I do remember this creepy atmosphere of the pool itself, despite being surrounded by other people in and around the pool.  Perhaps it contributed to an irrational fear of deep ends of swimming pools I retained into adulthood, despite being an excellent swimmer and even swimming on a team.  I did some further investigation and lo and behold, there have been reports of ghosts at the Moore by others.  I submit one here, but if you simply google, there are more.  From Ghostly Activities:  The Moore Theater Ghosts     from Reddit:  The Moore Hotel Ghosts

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To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

6 thoughts on “Ghosts: The Moore Hotel and the Moore Theater

  1. I’ve stayed at the Moore. It was lovely. There may have been some eerie vibes, but I didn’t experience anything. Then again, I had jet lag, and I was escorting an elderly couple, and I was EXHAUSTED. I could have slept through a tornado never mind a closet door slamming.

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