Ghosts: Weird Tales from West Virginia

Readers, I ran across this interesting post from the West Virginia Tourism website, it’s got some pretty good stuff! From the white lady who appears on railroad tracks to a man in a tux showing up in a hotel’s mirrors, this is worth a look!  Enjoy these stories and more, here: Weird WV Tales

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To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

7 thoughts on “Ghosts: Weird Tales from West Virginia

  1. WOW West Virginia sounds like a Paranormal-lover’s dream come true! I always think of Mothman when I think of WV, but I never though of how many places must be haunted there. This page is a great guide!

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