Ghosts: Ghosts on the Phone!

Readers, here’s an intriguing post from one of our favorite blogs, Ghost and Ghoul.  The whole idea of calls from the dead has gained some traction in recent years. One of these stories covers an experience shared by the popular author, Dean Koontz. I remember reading a book called Telephone Calls from the Dead some years back. I thought “Yeah, sure.”  Not long afterwards, I got a mysterious phone call that seemed to go with the flow of that book.  Maybe someone was trying to tell me something? 🙂  Has anyone received a phone call from the dead (or what appeared to be one)?  What do you think about this concept?  While most of these no doubt can be explained away, it’s those others . . . Ghosts on the Phone?


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11 thoughts on “Ghosts: Ghosts on the Phone!

  1. I always thought Calls From the Dead were just stories until it happened to someone I know. The woman (I’ll use the name Anna) who runs a cleaning service is friends with my Mom. Anna had a good friend named Jim who lived far away. Anna and Jim talked on the phone every day at around 4pm. Jim was supposed to visit Anna and she went to the airport to pick him up, but he never showed up. Days later, she found out that Jim had died and that’s why he never showed up at the airport. Shortly after, at around 4pm each day, Anna’s phone would ring and she’d pick it up, but no one would be there. This was the time of day that she normally talked to Jim. No one was on the other end, so she never heard Jim’s voice, but since she could never trace the calls back to a phone number, it left Anna to wonder if it was Jim trying to contact her from the other side.

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