Ghosts: A Farewell

Readers, here’s another story of a ghost saying farewell.  I found it compelling and rather moving.  See more here, from Quora: A Goodbye Appearance


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To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

5 thoughts on “Ghosts: A Farewell

  1. I had a similar experience, but in the form of a dream. One morning I dreamed I was walking with a friend. My Uncle suddenly showed up and started walking next to me instead. He handed me a cup of chocolate pudding (we used to make chocolate pudding together when I was a kid) He smiled, and moved on. The dream ended and I got up. About an hour or so later, my aunt called to tell my mother that my uncle had died suddenly of a heart attack. I’ll always wonder if that dream was him coming to me to say goodbye!

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