Ghosts: Disoriented

Readers, this is a personal experience which came to mind while I was preparing a different post about a haunted road.  I was once driving in the Sierra foothills of central California, on the way to a destination I’d never been previously, although I’d gone back and forth over the Donner pass nearby a great many times.  I have a pretty good sense of direction always – yet on this road trip, it vanished completely (I should add this was before everyone had navigation in cars!). I was completely, strangely disoriented, and even found myself back in the same place, having somehow circled. Don’t even ask, I still don’t get it. Hours later I reached the place I was supposed to be – which should have taken a fraction of the time spent.  After the fact I learned that there’s some lore about the area in which I was lost – that it’s a kind of trap, that people often lose their way there.  It was an increasingly eerie, creepy time.  Have you ever been to a place that seemed out of whack, out of place – like this or otherwise?  Feel free to share in comments!  


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6 thoughts on “Ghosts: Disoriented

  1. Northern Utah, where it’s so magnetic that not only didn’t my sat-nav stop working, so did my cell, and the car radio. I couldn’t get lost because there is only one damn road anyway. 💖
    Right now I believe I have a ghost in the garret. 🌹🌹🌹


    • Did you visit the dinosaur skeletons at Vernal? It was probably Their Fault. Utah is a strange place. I wouldn’t go there for many years, now I like it again. So the ghost is still there … so please shoot me a note about it if you don’t mind…😊💕👻👻👻


  2. Not really the same thing, but once when I was a little girl we were vacationing in Italy. It was late at night and my Dad was driving. We stopped to let an old woman cross the road. She was wearing mostly black and had one of those scarves on her head. I guess we got a little lost because we drove around again and came back to the same intersection. This time, instead of an old woman, a black dog was crossing the road. My Dad joked that maybe she was a witch and had turned herself into the dog. I know he was kidding, but I always thought that was weird!

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    • Great insight – I hadn’t thought of it but then again, maybe it happened there because the Sierras are a weird place. I really like Lake Tahoe but the California side of the foothills have a strange vibe in some places.


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