Ghosts: The Eastland Hauntings

Readers, if you’re not from Chicago you won’t have heard about this one, but here is the story of the sinking of the Eastland:  “Of the estimated 2,500 passengers and crew members on board, 844 people lost their lives, including crew members and 22 entire families.”  As you may well imagine, this set off a series of hauntings, which have been featured on the television show Sightings among others.  As the bodies were taken to the building where Oprah Winfrey’s studio stood, ghostly experiences were reported by staff. Here is one of many excellent links which relate both the history and the ghost stories (you can drop down to the “ghosts” header in the article if you wish). Get the story here, from Imagine Spirit: The Eastland Hauntings


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To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

4 thoughts on “Ghosts: The Eastland Hauntings

    • Never been, have just driven past. Lots of literature about hauntings there – the pool is one dread area among many. It’s funny how some haunted places are filled with sightings and sounds for some, and for others, nada… 👻👻👻😊💕

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