Ghosts: Precognitive Dreams

Readers, have you ever had precognitive dreams which later prove to be prescient to the smallest detail?  I have.  I wonder how it happens: do we tap into Jung’s universal unconscious? Are we simply astute enough to assess and figure out some things in advance? Or are ghosts visiting our dreams? So many possibilities … 

Here’s an example of the sort of dream I mean.  I had a series of dreams some time back in which I was given hints about people I knew (but in most cases, with whom I’d been out of touch).  In one of the most startling of the lot, I had a dream in which I looked down at the seashore (I lived on an island at the time) and saw a character from a novel who is nice on the outside but an evil character.  She was striding along the beach and I didn’t want her to see me.  Then I’m in a home I lived in as a child and I see my deceased aunt and uncle walk by and greet me.  Then I see my then-mother in law, also deceased.  She is pointing at a calendar on the wall which says Aquarius 2 (which as an astrology student then I immediately interpret as “February 2”).  I ask her about relatives and then she looks me in the eye and says “that’s not who you should be worried about.”  Then I look over a scene of the island Naval Hospital, not far from my residence, and I knew someone would be there.  I awakened and wrote this down, as I remembered it clearly and it was so strange.

I couldn’t figure it out, so I forgot about it. Until I flew back to the island from the States on Feb. 2 and was met by my spouse’s boss, who informed me that my spouse had just been hospitalised and was in the ICU after an apparent heart attack. It was the hospital in my dream of course.  My spouse was the last person I’d have thought of: he was a runner, a pilot, in excellent health, with no history of problems (and had frequent flight physicals which he always passed). He had just turned 36 years of age at the time.   

I had a series of dreams along these lines, all vivid and all accurately predicting events in the future, one was a near death of a high school friend I had not seen in years, and one a friend from college, ditto.  

My theory is that when we have these dreams we somehow tap into a mysterious place.  Was the mother in law figure in my dream a ghost, and my aunt and uncle? Maybe.  I can’t say.  

Another dream that comes to mind is one that just happened to be interpreted by the professor in the above-mentioned dream course.  The odds were slim and none – I was lucky. We discussed the dream (which I won’t outline here except to say that the professor asked how my health had been. I said “Fine, why?”  He suggested that I see a doc, just to be on the safe side and discussed clues from the dream. So, I did.  The upshot was that I was referred quickly to a specialist, diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer, which was fortunately caught in time and treated.  So – another mystery.  

Have you had mysteriously prescient dreams?  

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9 thoughts on “Ghosts: Precognitive Dreams

  1. Wow that dream is really detailed! YES I have had several dreams starting about when I was a teenager that have revealed to me things I could not have possibly known. I’d say that I have about 2 of these dreams per year, so I’m certainly not psychic, but I could write about a good deal of them. Here’s an example of one: I had a dream that my cousin was sick and it was something to do with her stomach. I was in a hospital in the dream, waiting to visit her. Our Grandmother was angry at my cousin and I had no idea why… The very next day after having that dream, my Dad told me that my cousin was pregnant and that our Grandmother was angry because my cousin was not married. I had NO way of knowing this or even guessing at it. I don’t even talk to my cousin, we live on opposite coasts and are not close. This is just one example of many dreams. Mine are not usually detailed like yours, but they definitely match up with something I’m just about to find out that I could not have possibly known! 😮

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    • Wow, Dee! What a great example of precognitive dreaming!! I suspect this is more common than we think. My mother used to have precognitive dreams, too – maybe it ran in the family? I had one that was more detailed and strange than the one I posted here, maybe I’ll share it in another post.

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  2. Oh my goodness. I hope you and your husband are doing well. Bless your hearts,
    I don’t think the people in your dream were ghosts, I think they were guardians angels sent to prepare you and also to warn you.
    It’s a blessing that you had the dreams and a professor that was spot on in reading deeper in to them.


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