Mob Haiku: Just Desserts

Carmine shoveled a
hole for Ray’s corpse, then had a 
snack: bluebury pie.

For more Mob Haiku, please see Pasta La Vista, Baby: Mob Haiku to Die For, and More Pasta: A Second Helping of Mob Haiku to Die For, and other fun books at Jan’s Amazon Page




16 thoughts on “Mob Haiku: Just Desserts

      • That was fun and you were way faster than me Jan! I had to catch up on e-mail. I am very behind due to our stormy weather and staying off the computer plus that big Brief I was working on that kept me late at work for weeks. I owed my friend at least 30 replies to e-mails … we stayed caught up with current things, but she starts school tonight and I wanted to reply back before she got immersed in the books again. She is going for her masters in gerontology and has been on a three-week hiatus since summer classes ended. I don’t miss those hittin’ the book days, but she has quit her job to pursue this degree so it is a little easier on her in that regard..

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      • After tomorrow the heat is over thankfully – puns are fun and I had who used to love puns so every time I got e-mails with puns as a theme I’d pass them along. We need to use our brains more – puns give us a chance to do that. I am taking a wee break to rest my brain right now. It is overtaxed at work these days. 🙂

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