Mob Haiku: Lie Bury

Cadillac Ray has
bodies in the trunk. Truth is 
strangers, then friction.
Photo: By thebig429 (Flickr: 1950 Cadillac) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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9 thoughts on “Mob Haiku: Lie Bury

      • Yes, those long Caddys that sometimes look like a boat going down the street when you see them nowadays. It is amazing to me when I drop by the classic cruising day we have every Summer and those cars were so long, plus the fins. But the cars had some personality then – now they all look alike to me. They are either a car or an SUV or a pickup truck … I get that distinction but they all look like cookie cutters.

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      • Indeed. The even not so old Caddys were like the Queen Mary, huge. I drove my mom’s Seville for awhile. Ship ahoy. 🙂 Cars do look alike today – can’t tell one from the other. Not much distinction.

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