Ghosts: Haunted School Stories

Readers, here are some first-hand accounts of ghosts in schools!  As if education wasn’t scary enough!  🙂  Brought to you via Thoughtco at:

For more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For ghost stories, please see Rest In Fleece, Death Be Not Loud, and Sepia Seepage – and so much more, at


15 thoughts on “Ghosts: Haunted School Stories

      • I came in on the tale end of the 1980s horror boom, and drowned in the tsunami of public boredom that wiped it out. The market couldn’t sustain the vast number of really bad books published as horror. Before I could get famous, the whole thing imploded. But I did get four horror novels published, back then.
        My editor initially rejected “Schoolhouse” but told me she’d buy it if–in two weeks!–I completely rewrote it.
        Now *that* was hard…

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