Ghosts: A Hooded Figure

Debbie Black

My uncle was a sane and very realistic man. He didn’t believe in ghosts. When he was in his late ‘60’s he moved into an apartment building that used to be an old rooming house. Many transients passed through town and worked in the nearby tannery. Most took rooms in the rooming house.

One day the rooming house burned to the ground and a few lives were lost. That us when they rebuilt and renovated it.

One night my uncle was sleeping when he awoke suddenly for no reason, around 1am. The light was on in the kitchen that my uncle could see clearly down the hall. He knew he had turned all lights off as he usually did, so this befuddled him. He rose to inspect when he saw a hooded figure sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. This startled him and he strode into the kitchen expecting to confront a burglar. There was no one there ! He spent the next 30 minutes checking every room and every lock on the windows and doors, nothing had been touched. All doors and windows were still locked. After making sure things were secure , he retired to bed, thinking it was all a dream.

Two nights later, he awoke suddenly at the same time. There, not 8 inches from his face, was the hooded man looking down at him sleeping. He threw his hand out toward the figure to grab him, but the hooded man recoiled quickly. The figure turned and walked into the walking closet nearby. My uncle sprang from his bed and rushed after him only to discover the closet was empty. Now my uncle was scared! He knew this intruder was nothing he was familiar with. Once again, he searched the apartment for any sign of entry or of the hooded figure. He found nothing.

Eventually my uncle grew used to the appearance of the hooded figure and began to accept his random visits as common place. After all, the figure meant no harm apparently. My uncle did some resesrch and discovered one of the young men who roomed here years before,had been lost in the fire. He presumed this visitor to be him.

A few years went by and my uncle ended up in the hospital with temporary kidney problems. While he was in hospital, his neighbour down the hall told him he had been seeing the hooded figure in his apartment now. I guess the hooded figure thought my uncle had left, so he sought out other company.

When my uncle returned from hospital, he stated the hooded figure never returned, but now there were two ghostly terriers who played on his livingroom chair. The terriers remained until my uncle passed at the age of 84. The landlord never saw them again.

For more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For ghost stories, please see Sepia Seepage, Rest in Fleece, and Death Be Not Loud, and so much more at



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