Ghosts: The Legend of Black Annis

Readers, here is a creepy tale for you, from the ever-resourceful Charlene at Paranormal Hauntings blog.  Read on, but consumer warning, not for the easily creeped out! 🙂

So last week I was tagged in a drawing that had been purchased by Red Ridge x paranormal. They had researched a legend within the midlands area and purchased a drawing to represent the legend. 1,160 more words

via Black Annis – ‘The Bogey Women of Leicester’ — Paranormal Hauntings

For more on real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook. For ghost stories, please see Sepia Seepage, Rest in Fleece and Death Be Not Loud – and so much more, at


2 thoughts on “Ghosts: The Legend of Black Annis

  1. Back Annis supposedly haunted the area I live in now. Its strange but my mum who’s family had lived in the area for over 100 years had never heard of her. However I remember an old man I worked with talking his dog for a walk on the park late at night and being completely spooked out by something he said was supernatural and following him.

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