Ghosts: Living in a Haunted House

Readers, here’s a reply from Quora about the question, what it’s like to live in a haunted house. I was unable to link this reply without getting other accounts that weren’t as good, so please just read below, via

I happen to live in a haunted house.

It was really cheap and I was warned it was haunted but I thought it would be fun … well it isn’t, it is mainly annoying.

Our best guess that the haunting is related to a Belgian ammunition train exploding in October 1914 killing various soldiers in the process.

In the garden occasionally appears a black apparition, vaguely human-shaped. It appears during both day and night at various location around the house. Mainly underneath my office window. The areas where the apparition most appears result in the vegetation dying.

There are occasionally very loud noises. At first I thought the roof came down, that loud. No source could be detected.

Footsteps can also be heard all over the house at various times.

Objects are moved and sometimes spoons fly through the living room (which the neighbour’s cat finds fun as he gets to chase after them).

Most annoying is that my trashcan levitated twice. At least twice when I saw it. One time it settle down nicely, the other time it tipped over and I had to clean up the kitchen floor.

It’s not really scary, I’m used to it, so is the neighbour’s cat. We don’t even get up any more when we hear footsteps.

There is an ongoing investigation which now focuses on identifying the soldiers who got killed back in 1914 with the eventual intend to somehow contact the ghosts, assuming of course both are related.

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: Living in a Haunted House

  1. A friend of mine used to live in house that was “frequented by visitors from the other side” in Iowa. She told me about a lot of the experiences they had with this frequent visitor r visitors, and the things that would happen. When I went to visit her, at this house, we found out the “secrets” that were being kept, and acknowledged the “guests”, telling them all was good. The ghosts would take some of her kids’ toys and move them around, would knock things over mischieviously, and would hide things and then later bring them back. We discovered the house was used as a house for unwed mothers-to-be, and was complete with extra wide doors for guernies to go through if necessary, as well, as a birthing room for the mothers. After we acknowledged the guest or guests, and said all was OK and all was good, my friend never had another incident again from her visitors from the other side.

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