Ghosts: Shadow People or Person — The Haunted Place

Readers, this is an intriguing, in-depth  look at shadow people, a type of entity often described as a ghost.  A great essay by Tony from The Haunted Place blog – enjoy! 

A shadow person is known also as a shadow being, or black mass it is an entity that shows its self in the form of a black humanoid figure. Throughout the ages, many religions describe these beings as supernatural or shades belonging to the underworld and many of these shadowy beings have been the topic of so many folklore tales and legends. And also been the subject of many ghost stories.

via Shadow People or Person — The Haunted Place

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5 thoughts on “Ghosts: Shadow People or Person — The Haunted Place

  1. I swore that there was one in an apartment I shared during an abusive relationship. This corner of the stairwell was extra dark and gave bad vibes, even when you lit the area. One day I stepped past that corner to go down the last flight of stairs and suddenly flew down the stairs in an arch, as if pushed in my lower back. I was wondered if it was drawn to my evil ex or maybe some kind of fracture from his soul or something. Escaped after my ex attempted murder and I have thankfully never seen a dark mass again. So creepy, especially the memory of the feeling of touch when I was looking down at the only other person there.

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