Ghosts: More Stories of the Ouija Board!

Readers, here are more first hand accounts of strange and ghostly experiences with ouija boards!  From Angels &  Ghosts

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Mob Haiku: Fired

Guido set the vault
aflame: the door blew. ‘Twas
a pyromid scheme.
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Ghosts: The Danny Poltergeist

Readers, here’s another true poltergeist story – reblogged from Paranormal Magazine:

In 1998, Jane Fishman, a reporter for the Savannah Morning News, began a series of articles about a possibly haunted antique bed in the home of Al Cobb of Savannah, Georgia. 558 more words

via Creepy True Tale Tuesdays: The Danny Poltergeist Case — Paranormal Magazine

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Mob Haiku: The Broadfather

Aldo liked the chicks.
But wore sweats on all his dates:
A wolf in cheap clothing. 
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Ghosts: Some True Stories!

Readers, here are some first-hand accounts of ghostly experiences – enjoy!  Via Charlene at Paranormal Hauntings blog. 

A few months ago I had a lot of people come forward sharing their spooky paranormal experiences within the paranormal hauntings group… We was and are fascinated by these stories and what people from across the world have experienced. So with their consent I thought I would share some of these experiences with yourselves….. […]

via True Ghost Stories – True Tales from The Paranormal Hauntings Group — Paranormal Hauntings

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Mob Haiku: Lazeagne

Marco, a sluggard,
pissed off the Boss, who gave him
a pizza his mind. 
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Ghosts: Stay in the Most Haunted Room on the Queen Mary!

Yes, readers, hot off the presses!! The Queen Mary is now making its most haunted room available to those seeking something extra in their accommodations!  Read more via The QUEEN MARY is Finally Renting Out Its “Most Haunted” Room – The 13th Floor

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Mob Haiku: Bed Pan Alley

Joe sells supplies to
nursing homes. Asked how it goes,
he says “It Depends.” 
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Ghosts: More Road Ghosts!

Readers, here is an intriguing story about road ghosts in the UK – a great post! The first entry got my attention!  Brrrr! Enjoy!  From Dr. David Clark

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