Ghosts: A Sentient Ghost

Readers, I ran across this eerie tale on Quora, and the kind author gave me permission to share here. Thanks to Tara Homner for this share and do read on for a truly unique and chilling story:

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: A Sentient Ghost

  1. This comment doesn’t directly relate to this post, but I was wondering if any of your ghostly posts mention about child’s handprints appearing and you seem knowledgeable on this type of subject. My partner just painted our bedroom wall and left the room. When he went back in, there was a pair of child’s handprints in the paint and our children had gone out for the day with my mum. Have you heard of this before?

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      • I have lived here for eleven years. Before I bought it, I rented it from my mum for a year as she inherited off my grandma and grandad who both died in the house. They are present in the house, as is another man I don’t know who moves things and makes noises but doesn’t seem to do any harm. For the past few weeks, I have also seen a black dog out of the corner of my eye and then my partner saw it too when I hadn’t mentioned it to him. The dog is new as are the child’s hands. My house is quite old as it was built in 1921.

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      • Liz, how fascinating – the black dog got my attention, I posted something about those not too long ago – I seem to recall they are usually a British phenomenon. Sounds like you must be psychic/intuitive to have noted these manifestations. So glad you shared!

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