Ghosts: Haunted Flights!

Readers, here are some eerie tales about ghosts aboard aircraft!  From the excellent Ghosts and Ghouls blog.  Have a look-see!  But not if you’re flying soon 🙂

For more ghosts and other things, please see



6 thoughts on “Ghosts: Haunted Flights!

    • GP, interesting point. It calls to mind places that people have seen battles reenacted (that famous case of the Battle of Hastings for example – and people who visit civil war (US) sites sometimes hear the sounds of battle. The fact that many people tune into this kind of phenomenon means, as a type of vision or experience, it’s fairly well-documented. As to what it is? I’ve read that these things might be glimpses of Jung’s universal unconscious, an interesting way of explaining it. Some would say these are slices of the past that are being glimpsed – breaks in time – the same way some types of ghosts are described. Thanks for asking a great question! 🙂

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