Mob Haiku: Rest in Pizza

Ray had a cheese slice.
His heart attacked: anoth-
er one bites the crust.
For more Mob demise, please see Pasta La Vista: Mob Haiku to Die For, and More Pasta:  A Second Helping of Mob Haiku to Die For, and other topics at

13 thoughts on “Mob Haiku: Rest in Pizza

    • Hawk, thank you so much! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! I actually do have a few tricks I developed to start the pun motor. 🙂 When you have time, I’d be thrilled if you’d leave a review at amazon – it really helps. Thank you in advance! And, next thing you know, I’ll be reading your haiku book – your haiku are very good indeed – the more you do it, you’ll get into a rhythm, like a kind of zen. 🙂

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