Ghosts: A Nursery Ghost

Readers, have a look at this scary tale which comes to you via the excellent Ghosts and Ghouls blog.  A strange tale, indeed . . .

Soon after moving to a new apartment, a woman placed her baby’s playpen in a certain corner of her living room. Not long after settling into her new home, the woman noticed that the baby had begun to cry a lot, unnaturally, as if in terror. 212 more words

via Mother’s Helper — Ghosts and Ghouls

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9 thoughts on “Ghosts: A Nursery Ghost

  1. I’ve read many similar stories and I’m always fascinated by them. I firmly believe that babies and young children are able to experience and understand things that the adult eye cannot perceive. My mother has told me that when I was a baby and until I was four-five years old, I used to turn my head towards the large window in my bedroom and simply stare at it, almost unblinking. I didn’t smile or cry or anything. And guess what? I always keep my curtains closed during the evening. I cannot bring myself to look at the night outside….At least not when I am alone in a room…

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  2. I also believe that young children can sense something that we grownups can’t, and animals too! Like if cats and dogs can sense an earthquake long before it actually happens, and we can sometimes even miss it happen, especially a mild one, why wouldn’t they be able to catch something else on some kind of a spectrum? There is also a spectrum of sounds and colors we can’t hear and see beyond, so isn’t it completely reasonable that we’re missing something else just because of the way we are built? 🙂 With babies, colors come gradually, I’ve read that the first color they can differentiate is red, but what if there is something they can see at first, but then start to lose the ability as they grow up? Also, I think that some adult people are extra sensitive (like with sound and light), and that they can see something we can’t. I wish there was more research done about that, who knows what we’d find out. 🙂


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