Ghosts: Ghosts of Glamis!

Readers, have a look at this wonderful post by Angie Deptula of the excellent Living Outside the Box blog, a faithful reader of this blog and travel blogger.  She has shared about the ghosts as well as the castle itself.  Thanks, Angie!  For those interested, I encourage you to google for more – there is a dark spirit which is unspoken, but the older ghost writers have mentioned it.  It is supposed to be ill-omened.  To get started, read on …

Glamis Castle, pronounced Glahms, is situated in the small village of Glamis not too far from where we are staying. The lovely castle is known for its associations with the royal family. It was the childhood home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the current Queen’s mother. The history of the castle goes back to at least the […]

via Glamis Castle — Living Outside The Box

For additional ghosts and ever so much more, please see



3 thoughts on “Ghosts: Ghosts of Glamis!

  1. Beautiful photos of Glamis. Just a couple of things to add. There is the ghost of a child, boy I think, who was chained up in one of the rooms because he was thought to be a monster. An old legend called the Monster o Glamis. Also, King Duncan was slain by Macbeth at Cawdor Castle near Forres, you can see Cawdor Castle and visit inside. It has a tree that grows in the centre of the building.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing that! The photos were taken by Angie, who is a marvelous photographer and travel blogger with an eye for ghosts! 🙂 I love her blog, Living Outside the Box. There are so many strange stories about Glamis. Some of them are quite shrouded. (Pun partially intended!) …I will have to see if I can find some of my old sources about ghosts there.

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