Ghosts: A Way of Seeing Ghosts

I was listening to a series of interviews of Ed and Lorraine Warren on youTube when I heard something that got my attention. Why?  Because I’d run across exactly the same odd story before.

Ed spoke of the time he saw a ghost (he clarifies that Lorraine is the clairvoyant, he himself doesn’t usually see entities).  He was filming in a cemetery for several hours.  The spirit showed up on the film, but not to the naked eye (although he saw several “ghost lights” or orbs).  The film showed several lights floating about, then gathering  and then coalescing to form the shape of a woman.

If you refer to my earlier post,, you’ll read about another ghost sighting just like it. (I was present but alas, slept through it!).  I was so intrigued by Ed Warren’s experience because it’s the only time I’ve heard of this type of ghost sighting  – with both sightings starting out identically, as the lights converge into a figure.

In our case, the apparition was witnessed by an individual – in Warren’s, it was not seen, but recorded onto the film in his camera – and if the camera caught it, something was certainly there.

If you are familiar with a sighting of this kind, please do share below in the comments section. If you have seen ghosts, how have they appeared to you?

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