Ghosts: When Ghosts Follow

Readers, I ran across an interesting case of a ghost following a family from house to house.  They moved several times to evade it, even building their own home from the ground up as a last resort:  to no avail.  What was it?  To learn more, see

and a Discovery Paranormal documentary which can be viewed on youTube at

This isn’t the first I’ve heard of a haunting following a family.  This raises many questions:  why is the phenomena attaching to individuals or a family?  Are ghosts not tied to places? Or, is it not a ghost but something else?  I wondered, so back to google I went.  I found this link at The Shadowlands, by Dave Juliano

In this post from Ghost City, paranormal investigator Tim Nealon discusses ghosts that follow him home

What do you think?  Feel free to discuss/share ideas in comments below!

For more ghosts and other things, please see




23 thoughts on “Ghosts: When Ghosts Follow

  1. The Open Air Museum in Denmark is one of those places where they’ve pulled down old houses and rebuilt them. At least of those houses are haunted, the ghosts followed the house, even when it was taken down brick by brick. If they can do that then following a family should be easy.

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  2. A timely post. I accused my houseguest just a few nights ago of having a ghostly stalker!

    Last weekend he’d gone away for a few days. The house was nice and quiet, and I was working on my desktop. I heard the back door, though tight shut, click as if someone was about to open it. It did it again a little later.

    On both occasions I wondered if he’d come back early, and the second time it happened I was so annoyed by the interruption I locked the door. I then returned to my work, only to hear the dishwasher switch itself on! I went into the kitchen, switched it off, and was annoyed to hear it start again about 5 minutes later.

    When my houseguest did return, I told him this house never used to have a ghost, but he’d obviously brought one with him who was upset by his absence. But we agreed that any ghost so keen to do the dishes was OK by us.

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    • Hi, Rob! My nonfiction book about ghosts is called About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook and can be obtained via my amazon link on any of my posts. Thanks for asking! An interesting book you might like is from the early 20th century writer, Violet Tweedale. It’s called Ghosts I Have Seen and Other Psychic Experiences and the kindle version is free! She had some great stories to share! Here’s a link to one of my early blog posts with some suggestions for great paranormal fiction reading – enjoy!

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