Ghosts: Living With Ghosts!

Readers, here are some intriguing first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters – enjoy!  Reblogged from the excellent blog, The Ghost Post.

Thanks to Toni from Virginia for sharing these stories with me! Toni has had paranormal experiences her whole life. Both sides of her family have psychic abilities, so she is used to regularly receiving communications from spirits. Her earliest encounter happened when she was four years old. At the time, she lived in a house […]

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Mob Haiku: Conpost

Sal’s garden, so lush.
Organic? Fertilized? They
say he used bone meal.
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Ghosts: The White Lady

Readers, check out this scary true story brought to you by True Horror Stories of Texas blog.  Enjoy! 

This story was sent in by a woman in Deep South Texas claiming to have seen a phantom lady in white. Check it out… “The following is a story my mother and father have told to us several times. 668 more words

via Phantom Woman In White (San Juan, TX) — True Horror Stories of Texas

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Mob Haiku: Inscents

Federico made
a mint in the coffin trade.
we called him Death Breath.
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Ghosts: When Ghosts Follow

Readers, I ran across an interesting case of a ghost following a family from house to house.  They moved several times to evade it, even building their own home from the ground up as a last resort:  to no avail.  What was it?  To learn more, see

and a Discovery Paranormal documentary which can be viewed on youTube at

This isn’t the first I’ve heard of a haunting following a family.  This raises many questions:  why is the phenomena attaching to individuals or a family?  Are ghosts not tied to places? Or, is it not a ghost but something else?  I wondered, so back to google I went.  I found this link at The Shadowlands, by Dave Juliano

In this post from Ghost City, paranormal investigator Tim Nealon discusses ghosts that follow him home

What do you think?  Feel free to discuss/share ideas in comments below!

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Mob Haiku: Gangst

Luca’s stomach ached,
after beefing out the crew.
He had nerves of squeal.
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Ghosts: The Black Monk of Pontefract

Readers, have a look at this notorious true ghost story via The Black Monk of Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK

If you’d like to learn more, there are several articles online about this poltergeist, and a film based upon it was made in 2012 called When The Lights Went Out – there’s a link in the article above.  

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Mob Haiku: Shooting the Breeze

Santino, a hit
man, oft’ said “Ev’ry shroud has
a silver lining.
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Ghosts: Franklin Castle

Readers, check out this great, informative post about Franklin Castle and its history and haunts, brought to you by the excellent blogger Hollie Gjoen, of World Wise Mysteries blog.  Enjoy!  🙂

The Franklin Castle was built in the 1880’s. Many people have came and gone, for no one ever stays for long, but the ghosts that haunt the Castle still remain.

via The Haunting of: The Franklin Castle — World Wide Mysteries

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Mob Haiku: Crock Pot

Sammy  wore his al-
ligator shoes to the zoo.
Then he got snapped up.
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