Ghosts: Paranormal Intruder

Readers, this is the title of a compelling and well-written book by former police officer Caroline Mitchell.  (It’s free on amazon unlimited at this time).  The story is that of a terrifyingly persistent poltergeist with evil intent.  The increasingly eerie phenomena were witnessed not only by friends and family, but by many of Mitchell’s police colleagues, all of whom are trained to be careful, scientific observers.  Mitchell has a blog here called Caroline-Writes, where you can read some of what she has written about the paranormal and this book (she has gone on to write several successful suspense novels). Here’s  a link to videos on her blog with witness interviews, for those who are intrigued – and I do recommend the book, Paranormal Intruder, as a well-documented and articulate story of a family dealing with frightening and ongoing paranormal events.

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Mob Haiku: La Scale-a

Rosie got so fat,
we all told her, “Honey, be-
ware the wides of March.”
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Ghosts: My Own Personal Ghost Sighting!

Readers, today I’ll share my own, brand new ghost story!

A friend and I went to visit another friend, someone I’d never met.  The house is said to be haunted, the residents often see a ghostly man on the stairs, and have experienced and seen things upstairs.  Some folks wouldn’t go upstairs to find out!

We walked into the kitchen. The house has a warm, inviting energy.  One could see through a passageway into the next room and the bottom part of the stairs.  I saw someone there, at the foot of the staircase, getting ready to go outside. It was an old woman, who resembled someone from the forties and fifties.  She wore a wool dress coat and a scarf around her head.  I assumed she was a relative who lived in the home, and thought no more of it. It was only later that I realized the only (living) people at home were us, the friend, and her husband. No old ladies. Nor had any female ghosts been seen there. And no one went outside.

I called to share my story with the homeowner, who got a kick out of it – she had never seen the woman I described, although she often saw the man on the stairs.  She thought a moment and said it sounded like her grandmother, who wore a scarf on her head every day.  She asked me what the energy felt like when I walked into the house, and I said “Warm and fuzzy.”  So she was pleased, and I was, too … I’d seen a ghost!

Note: the ghost appeared solid and real.  The one odd thing was when we came in, it didn’t turn to look our way, as any living person would do when people come in.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

Do you have a ghost story you’d like to share? If so, I’d be glad to post it here – you can send it via my contact button. Thanks in advance!

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Mob Haiku: Lie-brary

Vito passed himself
off as a priest: can’t judge a
crook by his cover.
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Ghosts: The Lady in White

Another great ghost story about a woman in white from the excellent Tripping on Legends blog:

via The Lady in White | Tripping on Legends

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Mob Haiku: Upstaged

Vinny, so late to
pay, learning the hard way all
about “Break a leg.”
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Ghosts: Graves End and Other Neighborhood Ghosts

Readers, check out this interesting article from the NY Times about neighborhood ghosts, including the Grave’s End ghost stories from the haunted house in the book of that name by Elaine Mercado (haven’t read it, might be a good ‘un!)  Enjoy!

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Mob Haiku: Pairadice

Joey beat the house,
playing craps. They nailed him then,
though it was dicey.
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Ghosts: An English Ghost Story: the Tale of Elizabeth Sheppard

Readers, here’s a story and history of an old haunting in Nottingham area UK, including sightings!  From the excellent Charlotte Lowe Kemp at Paranormal Magazine: 

Charlene Lowe Kemp As a teenager growing up in Nottingham, it was quite the tradition to drive up to Newstead Abbey, when it was open at night, on a Friday or Saturday Night and scare the hell out of each other with our ghost tales of the place. 1,789 more words

via A Sad HAUNTING – The Tale of Elizabeth Sheppard — Paranormal Magazine

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Mob Haiku: Broooooohm

Vinny’s yoga guy
said “Snap to. The Zen is might-
ier than the bored.”
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