Ghosts: Some of the World’s Most Haunted Locales! And a Free Book!

Readers, here’s a good articles about five very haunted sites, along with the backstory! From Reader’s Digest.

For more ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook, and more, at

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6 thoughts on “Ghosts: Some of the World’s Most Haunted Locales! And a Free Book!

  1. I had heard about Glamis being haunted and am waiting to go visit, but they don’t reopen until the end of March. And it’s not too far from where we’re staying. I’ll surely do a post about my visit when I do.

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  2. We went to the Open Air Museum outside Copenhagen for Halloween. They told us that three of the houses are meant to be haunted and they didn’t dare open any of them up for Halloween. When we went back at Christmas those houses felt … cold compared to the others.

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