Ghosts: Victims Of Spontaneous Portal Transport? And a Free Book!

Readers, please take a few minutes to sit down with this fascinating reblog from Ghost Hunting Theories.  This post discusses people who disappear, then reappear someplace completely else.  There’s an intriguing discussion of a strange topic.  I’ve read many of these accounts: they happen across cultures and in different eras – so for me anyway there’s a kind of folkloric/legendary feel to the subject.  Some say these people travel through some kind of unexplained portal.  There are many possible explanations, but the phenomenon is interesting and worth noting for anyone who studies paranormal events. For a FREE BOOK, scroll beneath link!


There are upon occasion odd incidents of people being in one place and then seeming to pop up in another. There is a belief that some sort of interdimensional portal could pop up in a location and a person could walk right through and out another side (into another universe, another time period, or another…

via Victims Of Spontaneous Portal Transport? — Ghost Hunting Theories

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: Victims Of Spontaneous Portal Transport? And a Free Book!

  1. hello jano its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez he cud yooze wun of those interdimenshunal portal things to help with the traffik heer in the mithikal land of kalifornya!!! altho i am not so shoor gitting spit owt on the other side of the yoonivers is better then sitting in traffik for a fyoo owrs!!! i gess he reely dislikes the traffik!!! ha ha ok bye

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