Ghosts: Two Ghost Stories (and a Free Book!)

Readers, enjoy two more creepy ghost stories and some interesting commentary from none other than the excellent Tripping On Legends blog. And for a free book, please scroll below link.

The ghosts come out at night. That’s what they all tell us at least. Whether it’s an old ghost story, and legend, or a talking head on a paranormal show, there’s something about a dark and stormy night that sets the table for an encounter. Reasons are sometimes provided. Pseudo-scientists, obsessed with explaining the paranormal […]

via The Ghosts Come at Night…Two True Stories — Tripping on Legends

For more about ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook, and more, at

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5 thoughts on “Ghosts: Two Ghost Stories (and a Free Book!)

  1. I posted the following comment at Legend Tripper blog, but thought you might also appreciate it.

    I wonder if I prevented a ghost from “forming…” if this is possible. Do not know anything about ghosts but I do believe that the dead visit us in dreams. Many years ago my best friend died in college, a suicide, and (to make a longer story as short as possible) I could not let her go. In order to “keep her alive” I made myself think about her constantly, not that given the shocking circumstances I had much trouble doing so. I would carry on an internal conversation with her all day long, pointing out what was going on and telling her about it. Anyhow, the “result” of this obsessive thinking and calling to her, was one of the most vivid “dreams” i have ever had, one I still remember to this day, some 40+ years later.

    We were in the hallway of my college (in the dream) and this friend and I saw a slightly open door at the end, towards which we walked together. When we got to it, I saw that the door was marked “No Exit” even though it was ajar and I could see, in the darkness beyond, a set of stairs. My friend looked at me, and at the door, then started to push the door open to pass through and I tried to follow. When she saw this she shook her head and pointed to another door to the left, from which emanated sounds of a party. I immediately understood, though no words were spoken, that I could not walk through that “no exit” door with her but had to enter the other, where it was clear some other friends were waiting for me at the party. I turned, ready to knock on the party door, and my friend proceeded to disappear through the door marked “No Exit.” That door closed behind her and it was the last I was to see of her.

    The next day when I woke, I understood that what had happened was real, and that my friend had done what she came to me to do. She had moved on, into the next phase of her existence, and I had to continue with life. The remarkable thing was that after that night, I never obsessively talked to her again, and my extreme sorrow at losing her was at peace; she had been given her freedom and, in some sense, laid to rest.

    Years after this, having become a poet, I wrote a three part poem about the dream that was eventually published in my second book, WE MAD CLIMB SHAKY LADDERS as “Three, for Those Left Behind”. Although I always recount this as a dream, I am certain it really happened, in some dimension, in the most important dimension, and for the purpose that I have always understood to have: to release me from my sadness but much more important to release my friend to the beyond, putting a necessary end to how I kept her “captive.” I have always suspected that this prevented her from becoming trapped on this side, unable to transition, a ghost.

    Best wishes,
    Pamela Spiro Wagner

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    • Pamela, thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful and intriguing story. I’ve had several precognitive dreams about death or close calls of people I knew but hadn’t seen in years. In these dreams I was always dressed in a formal black suit and hat, as if to attend a funeral. The person with me in one dream was an actress friend – we were overlooking the LA airport – when I told her not to get on the plane – looked at me and said “it’s not me you need to worry about.” I awakened and immediately knew it was someone else, another actor friend – who, it turned out weeks later, died in a plane crash which killed cast and crew of a TV show. In another dream, I saw my former mother in law, who had died, come to me and point to a calendar – my husband then was her only child – she said to pay attention. On the date on the calendar, he very unexpectedly was admitted to the ICU due to a heart attack (a runner, vegetarian and 36 years of age at the time). Another dream had a friend trying to get into a hearse. I knew I had to try to stop her or she’d die. So I kept talking to her. Real life, fast-forward: she told me (after I’d written about my dream) she had been literally about to commit suicide when she unaccountably began to remember some of our adventures from school – and after awhile, changed her mind. So I really think there’s some way these things are communicated at times – also, I wanted to comment about your dream that the feeling you had that you couldn’t go through that particular exit reminded me of my ex’s near death experience during a heart procedure – he sensed at one point that he had reached a kind of screen or mesh, and that someone was behind it who imparted that he couldn’t go through – after that, he came to, surrounded by people giving him CPR in the hospital. I so appreciate you sharing your dream and I think your conclusion about ‘release’ is spot on. I’m so grateful to know about your experience! Thank you! And I love Legend Tripper! 🙂
      Jan Olandese (of BookemJano blog)


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