Ghosts: Doppelgangers

Bookemjano reader and excellent fellow blogger Kyla Spauding (be sure to visit Kyla Spaulding’s Blog) offered this interesting comment after one of the recent posts here about seeing ghosts:  it is such a fine example of the doppelganger type of ghost or spirit, which we’ve not covered here yet, that I thought it worth sharing:

Kyla shared: “I had this experience a while back in middle school, the person wasn’t dead but it was sure weird. My friend and I were waiting to jump scare a fellow classmate of ours we saw in the hallway. But when we turned around that classmate was sitting at their desk. They looked the exact same and had the exact same outfit on, and I know he had no siblings, to this day I am still freaked out about that incident, I wonder what it was.”

The key words: “we saw.”  Not just Kyla, but her friend saw the double.  That’s corroboration and rules out any kind of odd brain wave or visual distortion on Kyla’s part.  Both of them saw!

Doppelgangers have also been called “phantasms of the living” and have been seen by many including historical celebs like Abraham Lincoln and Queen Elizabeth I! They are said to be rather an ill-omen. Some think they are a trick of the brain. However, they have been seen by a great many people. I encourage you to google doppelganger and read some of the articles.

Have you ever seen one?  What are your thoughts?  As always here, your comments are most welcome!

Photo:Egon Schiele [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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14 thoughts on “Ghosts: Doppelgangers

  1. I’m curious about doppelgangers. Part of me thinks that our human race is so extensive that there are sure to be people who are incredibly alike and easily mistaken for one another. However, the apparition of a person is one that intrigues and interests me more.

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  2. Doppelgangers have also been called “phantasms of the living”…..very interesting…..will have to check this out as I have never heard of this phenomena. I wonder if Jane Austen has a doppelganger as I just finished a fun Valentine’s Day blog – An Interview with Jane Austen, as Jane’s ghost has been known to haunt Chawton Cottage….at least in my post! Do you have an blogs on literary ghosts Jan? Any famous authors who might have haunted their sites?

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    • It is a fascinating phenomenon! Glad you enjoyed! I haven’t done posts on literary ghosts (not any I recall anyhow!) but it’s a great idea and I may seek some out to post! Loved you JA ghost post – it’s so cool that she, like everyone else, hopes for swag. 🙂 🙂

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      • There must be some literary icons that haunt their sites – let me know if you come across any. Maybe I’ll interview the Brontes next – those windswept moors are sure to be spooky. I had great fun with the Jane Austen blog – sometimes a little makeup can make the plainest Jane look great!

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      • It’s such a cute idea (talks with dead authors!) and the post was fun to read 🙂 You bet, I will check this literary haunt angle out! And yes, by all means sit your interviewees alongside the “Spirit of Estee Lauder” 🙂 🙂


      • The Spirit of Estee Lauder! I love it! Night Repair is the only high end cosmetic I have ever used, and I have bought it faithfully twice a year (with gift with purchase) for the past thirty years – I figure Estee Lauder should be paying me by now. How did you know that? See your really are psychic!

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      • 🙂 Indeed 🙂 Heh! BTW, the only high end cosmetic I use is an EL foundation. A bottle lasts forever. I wrote a humorous ghost story ( in Death Be Not Loud) called Youth Dew. I think I posted it some time back – you’d like it.

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      • Wow Jan! That was amazing! What an imagination you have…..such fun descriptions! I loved the first story too of Death Be Not Loud. I’ll have to read more…..Joan PS. How did you install that Search Button? And how does it work? Does it search by the tags you have given your stories? I typed in Youth Dew and it brought it right up once I was in Death Be Not Loud


      • Joan, thanks so much for reading and enjoying my stories! I appreciate it! I have so much fun writing them! As to the search button: it must have come with the blog, I have the free option, and had very little in the way of options for my page. I assumed everyone has it if I do…:)

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