Ghosts: A Very Haunted House!

Readers, if you like haunted house stories, get your coffee (or martini!) and hunker down.  There are several house-worths of ghosts at this one residence!  A true story, shared by a reader at the excellent Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State blog.

From WikipediaTheresa’s Note: Today is another absolutely fascinating guest blog! I met the author, Jen, several years ago at a local festival and I’m thrilled she has decided to share these ghost stories with us! These stories are from the historic Landon/Stancioff House, located in Urbana, MD. The home has a looong history. Among other…

via The Haunted History of Maryland’s Landon House: Guest Blog #3 — Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State

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Mob Haiku: Loan Snark

Tony borrowed cash

for his farm.  He offered the

bank cowllateral.

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Ghosts: The Handprint Ghost

Readers, here’s an article from the Mirror outlining haunting phenomena in a home in Scotland. Hand prints appearing on the wall and more await your reading pleasure!   via Mum fears home is haunted by ghost leaving handprints on walls after learning new house holds dark secret – Mirror Online

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Mob Haiku: Per Jury

Arno’s mistrial:

they proved he’d been involved in

Jury Pampering.

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Ghosts: The Ghosts of Hurricane Mills Plantation House!

Readers, watch this free film about the ghosts on country singing star Loretta Lynn’s plantation house in Kentucky.  Fascinating first-hand accounts of sightings (and sounds!) of confederate ghosts and more!  Worth a watch for ghost and/or country music fans!


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Mob Haiku: Uh Oh Seven

Jimmy, freed on bail

so frequently he became

known as “Bonds. James Bonds.”

Photo:By Daniel Schwen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Ghosts: Screaming Skulls!

Readers, here is a fascinating compilation of screaming skull ghosts from various locations in the UK.  Intriguing – screaming skulls are strictly a British thing, per this post!   Read on for more!  From via Screaming Skull

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Mob Haiku: Divforce

Vinny’s ex, enraged,

shot him in the rear. ‘Twas an

ex sit strategy.

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Ghosts: A Haunted Stately Home!

Readers, enjoy this history and account of haunting activity at Calke Abbey, a British stately home.  Brrrrr.  Is it chilly in here?

via The Whistling Ghost of Calke Abbey – My Haunted Life Too

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Mob Haiku: Wired Fraud

Aldo blasted Jay’s
club house. It was a case of
in descent explosure.
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