Ghosts: Spirit Animals — Ghosts and Ghouls

Readers, here’s a nurse’s story about eerie harbingers of death!  Read on:  courtesy Ghosts and Ghouls blog.

“I used to work with dying, elderly patients. I had lots of experiences on the night shift, but one was particularly creepy and strange. A patient I had was passing. At the end of my shift, I said, ‘Now don’t you go nowhere. I’ll be back tomorrow night.’ She just shook her head no. The…

via Reader Submission: Spirit Animals — Ghosts and Ghouls

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: Spirit Animals — Ghosts and Ghouls

    • Thank you so much, Hope! Would love to see the film – I’ve been to Winchester House – it’s rife with strange energy! Also, I saw a film recently about a theory that paranormal manifestations can appear in an intense way where there are geological fault lines – of course Winchester House is in San Jose, either on or almost on the San Andreas fault. Food for thought! 🙂


  1. I’ve seen three “black dogs” appear out of nowhere when I was younger, driving late at night. Each time, they appeared in front of the car, not right in front but close enough, passing by. I remember I felt creeped out by them as I slowed the car down and saw how ominous they appeared with their eyes locked on me. Afterwards, all I wanted to do was drive away as fast as I could.

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