Ghosts: When Ouija Boards Go Wrong!

Readers, here are some scary examples of ouija board issues!  Although these were popular when I was growing up and were actually marketed as toys (seriously!) – many people have traced paranormal problems to the use of ouija boards.  Read on . . . reblog from Paranormal Magazine, author Charlotte Lowe Kemp.

By Charlene Lowe Kemp When Hasbro trademarked the Oujia in 1991, the tradition of the board can be traced back to much further than that. Many believe the Oujia Board to be a portal to the spirit world, while others will argue it is nothing more than a parlour trick. Whatever you believe, there have…

via When OUJIA Boards Go Wrong! – TRUE Crime Cases — Paranormal Magazine

Photo:By No machine-readable author provided. Mijail0711 assumed (based on copyright claims). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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14 thoughts on “Ghosts: When Ouija Boards Go Wrong!

  1. My mother bought me a ouija board for my 12th birthday when I was in boarding school, thinking it was just a toy. It was confiscated before I got a chance to use it and I never saw it again. A few years later, some friends and I experimented with a makeshift ouija board we’d cobbled together with a tray and a beaker – and got results! Definitely not a toy.

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  2. I tried Ouija one time but it didn’t work… I was disappointed but then I’m glad nothing crazy happened.
    I don’t think I would try it again. Then again I do stupid things all the time so you never know, he he.


  3. Bravo . Informative and also intriguing aspect of paranormal life. I wonder if “mischievous” spirits are in essence entities that are bored with the status quo and want to shake things up. 🙂

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  4. I remember playing with one when I was a kid, but not getting it to do anything. There is a lovely scene in the 1924 Colin Firth/Emma Watson movie Magic in the Moonlight with a Ouija board. Emma Stone plays a psychic. The movie is set in Provence in the 1920’s so the clothes and visuals are stunning…but that would have been the time when the boards were most popular. It is well worth seeing, even if you’re not a Colin Firth fan.

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