Ghosts: Ghosts of the Queen Mary!

Readers, another great reblog from Ghosts and Ghouls about the ghosts aboard the Queen Mary! I myself know people who’ve seen eerie things there!  Read on!

On May 27, 1936, the RMS Queen Mary set sail from Southampton, England, completing her maiden voyage in New York just a few days later. For the next three years, the ship was the height of luxury, transporting such notable passengers as Clark Cable, Bob Hope, Elizabeth Taylor, and Winston Churchill. Its elaborate facilities included…

via Ghosts of the Queen Mary — Ghosts and Ghouls

Photo:  wikipedia commons public domain photo

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8 thoughts on “Ghosts: Ghosts of the Queen Mary!

  1. I visited Queen Mary twice before. Once, it was for a ghost tour, which resulted in communication with what could have been the young male, John, that got crushed. We asked questions, and the entity answered by turning the flashlight on or off. The second time, we stayed overnight after doing a paranormal investigation. I never felt anything during the investigation, but then I felt something like a presence in our room after we finished the investigation. My husband was fast asleep, but I was still awake when I heard a paper bag we had on the table being crumpled, then my Lady-Comp turned on by itself, which has never happened ever before. In the morning, the paper bag was still in the same position like it was never disturbed.

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