Ghosts: The Woman in Black!

Readers, enjoy this excellent reblog about a phantom woman in black!  From Strange Company blog.

The mysterious “Woman in Black” is a classic variety of apparition. One English example was reported in the “Nottingham Evening Post,” December 21, 1928:The Shropshire village of Northwood, between Wem and Ellesmere, is in state of excitement, caused by a mysterious apparition. Accounts have been given by independent witnesses of the appearance of a woman,…

via Newspaper Clipping of the Day — Strange Company

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7 thoughts on “Ghosts: The Woman in Black!

  1. Way cool, Jano!
    I read that book, and saw both film treatments–all three are winners. That’s quite a scary ghost story. In one of the films Erin Moran departs from playing Hercule Poirot’s efficient AA, Miss Lemon, and stars as an extremely unfriendly ghost. Oooooh!

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    • Hi, Lee! I read many of Susan Hill’s ghostly novels, she’s a fine writer. I found the film version of the Woman in Black (British 2012) quite terrifying! The story is interesting because you have a really nasty ghost who doesn’t give a damn about whether the victims deserve her awful visits. (After)Life’s Not Fair Dept. !! In terms of true ghost stories, though, there’s some resonance, since many people who encounter horrifying and awful “entities” have done nothing to deserve it except perhaps to have moved into the wrong house.


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