Ghosts: The Ghost of a Witch!

Readers, here’s a scary story from Fernandina Beach, FL, about a witch who returned from the dead!  Read on – if you’re feeling brave!  From Backpacker Verse.

For more ghosts (which make great gifts!) see

8 thoughts on “Ghosts: The Ghost of a Witch!

  1. A friend of mine who lives in Germany actually managed to get a picture of a ghost of a witch as she was driving down the highway in her car.

    She saw the apparitional figure of a woman in a 17th or 18th Century style dress in flames coming down the road and took a photo.

    She posted it on her blog page where her readers including myself saw it.

    It was an incredible photo.

    She discovered later that the area she was driving through once had a major witch scare where they burned a lot of women they thought were witches.

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