Ghosts: Harbingers of Death!

Readers, hang onto your hats (or toupees). This is scary!  A true account of warnings of death and a vivid near death experience. As a chaplain/clergy working often in hospitals and hospice settings, I’ve heard lots of NDE’s – but this one is highly unusual and quite strange. Do read on!  What do you think? From Backpacker Verse.

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts: Harbingers of Death!

    • Thanks, Angie, I appreciate you reading and enjoying! That was pretty creepy, huh! Although I studied Near Death experiences, and worked with many many people who share theirs, (and even had one of my own), this one was quite singular. It combined the precognitive, the clairvoyant, NDE and more. While not all NDE’s are sweetness and light, the scary ones I’ve heard of still differ this. (Many are frightening, Maurice Rawlings’ book To Hell And Back illustrates those – he was an agnostic cardiologist whose patients related their NDE’s to him – and made quite the believer of him).

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      • Wow, I’d love to hear your story if that’s something you don’t mind sharing. I’ll have to check out that book. I’m always interested in hearing about NDEs.

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      • Sure! It wasn’t a classic Seeing Elvis and Grandma but it was definitely something. I was driving on icy roads one night when the car spun out of control, flew into the air, flipped and then landed in the berm between the on-ramp and the freeway. As it spun I felt sure That Was All She Wrote. I panicked (very fearful of dying, which I was sure was imminent). Then suddenly I let go of the steering wheel (which I learned later was what you’re supposed to do) and something came over me – a sense of deep peace – suddenly, I was no longer afraid – I knew that whatever happened all would be well. This was definitely an external thing as I was actually scared to pieces!…So, the car lands in the berm and I’m ok and so is the car, miraculously. It was stuck though so I tried calling AAA with no luck, it was a bad night for accidents. Then a truck driver stopped, came to see if I was okay, and was able to reach someone who towed me onto the road – and I was able to drive very slowly and uneventfully home. It was quite a life-changing experience. My spouse at that time also had an NDE during a heart procedure. His was a sense of rushing, like wind, and a sense of a kind of screen beyond which he did not pass, and a sense that a being behind that screen conveyed to him that it was not his time. (A great many of these experiences are not the tunnel and the light we so often hear about). Thanks for asking!

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      • Yes – and they can be kind of lame. His book is interesting because as a cardiologist, he is a clinician trained in scientific method, so he knows how to make accurate observations. He found himself convinced by what he saw, time and again. It also convinced him there was indeed a hell and that that was what some of his patients had glimpsed. It makes sense to me that there has to be a dark as well as a bright side to this kind of experience.

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  1. That was amazing Jan…..thanks for sharing. A friend of mine almost died in childbirth last year, she told me she felt a feeling of peace come over her, despite her blood pressure dropping and the stretcher being a mess of blood and hearing the nurses screaming to get the epinephrine stat etc…..she just had a feeling of peace and then she blacked out.

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