Ghosts: Battlefield Ghosts!

Readers, this is a quite famous story, about an ancient battle which people still hear re-enacted by phantom soldiers!  It has been so often witnessed that it’s the only haunting officially recognised by the UK’s Public Records Office.  See more at the Real British Ghosts link to the Edgehill Ghosts article via Edgehill Ghosts

For more ghosts (and other scary things, like my stabs at funny haiku: e-book titles just 99 cents), please see:

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8 thoughts on “Ghosts: Battlefield Ghosts!

  1. O my, I have a good one for you from the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, which surely is. Especially in Geronimo’s (Apache) progeny land with its hot springs, Truth or Consequences. But it’s 2 books long. Don’t let me discourage you from going, however. Best to stay there only a few days . . . lotta spirits good and spunky. Get up to higher ground from the Rio Grande and you’ll be ok.

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    • I believe it! Would love to hear more! Years ago while visiting the site of Wounded Knee, we encountered a powerful sense of presence of negative spirits that seemed to hang with us long after we left that site. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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