Ghosts: A True Story of Missionaries in a Haunted House

Here is a scary, true account of two LDS missionaries and their stay in a very haunted house in England!  Read on:  reposted, from LDSLiving.

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Mob Haiku: Wait Watcher

Aldo loved guns and

meatballs, pasta: he said to

Jenny Craig “Fork off.”

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Ghosts: Reblog: My Haunted Home — Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State

Another first-hand account of events in a haunted house!  Really good!  Read on!

I don’t think I would ever classify the house I live in now as haunted. Having grown up in my mom’s current home in Winfield, where it was a strange day when you DIDN’T see an apparition walking down the hall, pretty much any sort of suspected paranormal activity happening here would pale in comparison.I…

via My Haunted Home — Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State

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Mob Haiku: On Tap

Cops tuned in Dom’s phone.

And all they heard was “Three beers,

two dark ales, one slice.”

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Ghosts: Cemetery Ghosts!

Readers, check out this wonderful post from Ghastly Travels blog!

Unlike the sprawling area covered by the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Colonial Park can be found occupying just 6 acres at the intersection of Abercorn and Oglethorpe roads. Opened in 1750, the cemetery is considered to be the oldest in Savannah that hasn’t been destroyed, covered over, or relocated. Many reports have come from […]

via The Ghost Stories of Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah Georgia — Ghastly Travels

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Mob Haiku: Miss Take

Mama Rose put the

malocchio on Joe: stopped the

rash of petty theft.

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Ghosts: The Stone Throwing Devil

This is a great historic story akin to that of the Bell Witch.  Mysterious and scary!  Read on, courtesy Notebook of Ghosts blog):

This past week, I have been filling my commonplace book with eclipse folklore, my favorite #FolkloreThursday tweets, creepy dolls, and some new ghost stories. I had an especially fun time writing about The Stone-Throwing Devil of Great Island, New Hampshire. George Walton, a wealthy landowner, and his family were tormented by an invisible force from […]

via In My Commonplace Book: The Stone-Throwing Devil — Notebook of Ghosts

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Mob Haiku: Handsome Prints

Giulio’s hands left

their mark, clear as glass.  Now he’s

king of the cell block.

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Ghosts: A Blogger’s True Ghost Experiences

Readers, another blogger’s true ghost stories!  This is the kind of thing I like, first-hand accounts!  From the excellent The Wytching Hour blog.

On Hallows Eve Eve, I decided to share with you some of my personal spooky experiences. I am believer of the supernatural or after life if you will. This is because I have seen things that can’t be explained. This is my reality and I understand why those who have not experienced this find it […]

via Hallows Eve Eve….ghost stories….. — Once Upon The Wytching Hour

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Mob Haiku: Pre-Deceased (and a free book!)

Lenny scammed us.  But

he had a heart attack. No

need to clip him now.

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